Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend

If you are sure about buying a puppy from us , you can make a deposit to reservate your puppy. 

You have time to choose your puppy from the litter until the age of 7 weeks. 

The buyer of the 1. pick will choose first, after the buyer of 2. pick and so on.
You can visit the puppies regularly or you get videos of them if you are not able to come along.

If you can't choose a puppy from that litter you can wait until the next litter.

Please call us to check our rules to buy a puppy and the possibilities of payment.

We can arrange shipping worldwide. We work together with some very trustable shippping companies and agents to make sure your puppy will arrive in good condition and for a reasonable shipping price.

During Corona period we can't allow to visit us, but you can still make a reservation for a puppy and pick him up later