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Puppy reservation proces 

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies

If you decide to buy a puppy from Lionheart Bloodline you have to make sure that you are ready for the new Bully experience. 

That means :

Please inform yourself before making a deposit that this breed is allowed at the place you live .

Please check the rules you have to follow to have this dog like legally.

We recommend to go to a puppy class with your new buddy to socialize he puppy with other dogs.

Look around at dog schools in your neighbourhood and choose a school that welcomes this kind of dogs.

Make sure that you have time when the puppy will come to your home, maybe you can take some holidays to spend it with your new family member.

Think about all situations that will appear like :

Who will take care of the dog, when you are at work / in hospital / on vacation ....

Make a list of questions you need to get answered by us , we like to help you to get a good start with your dog.

We are a registered kennel from the Belgian ministery for animal welfare and we follow the rules how to breed dogs carefully.

We work close with veterinarians to provide our dogs the best health care.

Your puppy will be vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and get's a health check up, attest and a belgian health certificate. We take care of all papers that you need to get your puppy home to your country.

You get food for the first week(s) , please don't change the food directly.

Avoid stress in the first days to make the puppy feel comfortable.

Don't let the puppy sleep totally alone , it's a social animal that need to feel it's family close. 

We will advice you about everything ,  just call us .

f you are sure about buying a puppy from us , you can make a deposit to reservate your puppy. 

You have time to choose your puppy from the litter until the age of 7 weeks. 

The buyer of the 1. pick will choose first, after the buyer of 2. pick and so on.

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend

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