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Lionheart Bloodline

The new Bully experience

Lionheart Bloodline is the kennel of American Bully Academy .

Our passion is to produce Royal and Loyal Bullies -

Royal because  we are  combining the  finest  traditional  bloodlines  like  Remyline, Gottiline, Sunline, UKC's Most Wanted, Razor's Edge, Daxline, Miagiline and Kingdom Blood. we  breed just with the most beautiful  Bullies.

Our dogs have the full package - body, wide chest, strong bones and big heads.


Loyal because we do big effort to socialize and train our dogs  to become a true buddy for their owner.

In 2017 we bred the 4. generation of Lionheart Tricolor American Bully,  all developed by our bloodline adding one more foundation bloodline : Razor's Edge.

In 2018 new developments and improvements of our bloodline are already started- stay tuned to see the results.


2. healthy purple tricolor micro pocket 

3. more true old school Gottiline - Remyline Razor's - Edge  Standard and XL American Bullies 

4. colored healthy bully French Bulldogs,  British Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs

My husband Yilmaz and I , Anna, we grow up in Germany ,we both work with dogs from youth age on .

My husband worked with  Pitbulls and did resocialization with them.

I was busy with hunting dogs in my youth.  But I liked the strong breeds like Pitbulls for their loyalty .

Later my husband published the magazine "Starke Hunderassen" and organized a dog show with many strong breeds like Cane Corso and Presa Canario and American Bulldog.

That day we met each other ;-), fall in love and worked together every day for our passion : the dogs.

Later  worked with Malinois and other breeds in the dog sport in obedience and protection training.

He worked with dogs in security sector. We had a pack of 4 Dogo Argentinos for our home protection that time.

After he came back to the basics and worked on his own together with me training Staffords and American Bullies in obedience.
We saw the potential of the American Bully , he seemed the perfect family companion dog completely without aggression against humans, made to please his owners like a Stafford, not barking and annoying,just calm and peaceful like a Bulldog and sooooo handsome and playful.

And the appearance of the American Bully with all the muscles is awesome . We wanted Bullies in our life.

The first Bully we trained was Caesar, a son of UKc's Most Wanted Gordo. I loved the blue fawn colour.

We bought our first blue fawn female , LLK's Cleopatra, the only female we found here in Europe. There were not many breeders yet in Europe. That was 4 years ago.

We visited Toni and his family from Lucky Luciano Kennel in the Netherlands, home of Gordo and Cleopatra's sire Kingdom Bloodline's Platinum , we visited them many times.

One year later we decide to start a kennel , bought  UKC's Most Wanted Gordo, the most famous XL Bully of that time in Europe.

Luck was on our side and the owner of Cleopatra's dam , LLK's Magic, called us , if we want buy the mother.

Yes, of course;-) Gordo and Magic arrived in the same week and Magic was directly  in heat , so we had our first breeding with Gordo and Magic.

We were very proud on that litter. Even now, many litters later, you can say, that  litter was brilliant, because the females had the perfect Bully look with really strong bones and big heads. Many of them are foundation females for European kennels.

We were sold out quickly, after an offer you can't negate we sold our keepers , too.

That deal made us very famous in Europe, but we had no more dogs to breed with , so we stopped for one year.

We were to busy with our other upcoming business: we sold raw meat meals with vegetables and other supplements for Bullies and other dogs. With the exponential grow of American Bully the food business grew, too.


 We are located in Belgium, close to Bruxelles and Antwerp.


  the name "Lionheart Bloodline" has a meaning, even more than one:

We love lions, if we could have lions in our yard , we would. Our first litter, looked like a pack of bluefawn lions. UKC's Most wanted Gordo has that perfect lion look . That is still our favourite style.

The Bullies are really forceful dogs, not afraid of anything, not nervous , we love that calm Bully character and breed brave dogs with the heart of a lion - Lionheart's ;-)

Our bloodline is the strongest bloodline in Africa until now , so Lionheart's are doing well in extreme climate .

We love Bob Marley ,too , for his peaceful songs, and the spirit fits well with our American Bullies, the lions of Zion.

We have a breeding program and a vision for our breedings and that's why we called it "Bloodline" .

Even now, just 4 years later, you see already so many "Lionheart's " in Europe and other countries and Lionheart's children and they have a special look and all have the "Lionheart" inside, very brave dogs.

One "Lionheart"  lives with cougars, panthers and other wild cats in perfect harmony.


Our dogs: We started the kennel with classic bloodlines, specially with Remyline dogs like LLK's Magic, LLK's Cleopatra, Team ink's Beauty and UKC's Most Wanted Gordo.

Most of our dogs have famous ancestors like Yogi the Bear of UKc's Most Wanted , sire of Gordo . Beauty is a direct daughter of Team ink's Bullmaster, the ABKC grandchampion  and full sister of Beastmaster.

Magic is full sister of the first EBKC champion. And Maybach is grandson of Gottiline's Patron and has his look.

We have now some new blood, like Chanel , a daughter of Mr. Europe and granddaughter of Mr. Miagi.

Black Jack and Flumi are grandchildren of Black Ciroc and our Aaliyah is Black Ciroc's mother.

We like the strength of Remyline dogs, this line produces athletes.

We like the heaviness of Gottiline and admire them for breeding Dax, one of the best Bullies, and we have deep respect for the variety and constancy of Razors' Edge.

One of favourite kennels is of course UKc's Most Wanted, home of Gordo. We love the old bloodlines.

We breed heavy boned Bullies with big heads and strong muscles in all sizes with good movement and agility.

We are now busy breeding pocket Bullies that fulfill these standards with Chanel, Flumi, Black Jack and his black tricolor son Bud Spencer and his sisters Black Rose and Black Pearl and Maximus, a really small, nice  correct blue fawn Bully with the typical lion head of a "Lionheart" , only bred with dogs from our kennel, 'Lionheart" in the 3. generation.

At the same time we produce some really heavy XL puppies with Gordo and his offsprings ,our new Sunline XXL male Spike.

Some of our dogs became famous here in Europe like Lowedgebullies' Neela , one of the first pockets in the European Bully game  and best in show in Amsterdam.

Some of our dogs are retired now, like Neela and Magic, we found them a place at some dog loving friends or we still own them and they enjoy life in the garden .


And last but not least : Kingdombloodline's Platinum , the star of our kennel .He is a son of Bolton's Kingdom and Gottiline's Dream Girl, a pure Gottiline creation.  This dog is one of a kind. He is a really good producer, some of his best offsprings live in our kennel like Bear, Cleopatra, Maximus, Kenza and Maybach.

He produced almost all colours like purple champagne, chocolade, white,  light champagne and blue tricolor.

He has the most beautiful neck  muscles sustaining this enormous round head. You need to see Platinum in real , when he is playing with his toys with so much energy. This dog is so powerful, always happy and friendly, loves animals and humans. He is so damn beautiful  that people start crying of love when they see him.  


 We will go on with our breeding program creating nice family companion Bullies with muscles all over like Platinum  and Platinum's clowny character and big headed impressing XL Bullies for peaceful home protection.

We love both styles and we produced some heavy hitters in both sizes.

We did some downsizing regarding the pocket trend but never forget to stick to our basics.

We sold now to many different countries already and see and accompany  people starting kennels with our dogs and we love to do that and will go on like that giving advice to starters.

We have some more projects for the future -please stay tuned.


 you can contact us via our website :


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or via  mail : lionheartbloodline@hotmail.com

or phone:+31 6159 30 722

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CHECK OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/user/bulweiluisa WITH MANY VIDEOS OF OUR DOGS


AND WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FROM K-PINHA , WITH A DOG OF OUR KENNEL, owned and produced  by Dr. Hochi-fu , Power house production, thanks to Hochi-fu